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Lesbian rape

lesbian rape

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November 09 2011
Posted by mcqueen  [ 09:54 ]

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March 30 2008
Posted by mcqueen  [ 09:27 ]
Kevin's place was awesome - just like its owner. Tim and Rita had never seen such a big house. Now Rita was sitting at the piano playing tunes she had learned years ago while Tim was finishing the beer. Suddenly he tilted onto the side and fell down. Dumb asses - they hadn't seen Kevin mix some strong sedative into the drink. All the host had to do now was tie Tim and start working out Rita's holes right in front of her doped boyfriend. Enjoy the show, motherfucker!
FORCED WITNESS features the ULTIMATE in sexual domination! A victim is raped… abused… humiliated… and her lover is made to watch the whole thing, tied up and powerless! Thousands of images and hundreds of videos of this perversion await you inside FORCED WITNESS!
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Posted by mcqueen  [ 05:24 ]
It seemed to Fred that adorable blonde kitty Janet didn't like real men like him... "Alright, cutie I'll get into your panties anyway even if I'll have to knock your date out." Fred wasn't a brute to beat someone, though, all he had to do was add a pill into Janet's lover's drink and wait... After a couple of minutes everything was over. Yeah, he wasn't brutal enough to fight but he was brutal enough to fuck, fuck this yelling blondie's clit open!
Imagine being made to watch as your loved ones are raped and tortured! You are bound and gagged, powerless to help as they are force-fucked in every conceivable way. At FORCED WITNESS, this new and horrifying fantasy comes to life in hundreds of DVD-quality movies, tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of stories! You will be shocked by what you see and hear at FORCED WITNESS!
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March 27 2008
Posted by mcqueen  [ 02:11 ]
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March 26 2008
Posted by mcqueen  [ 13:58 ]
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Posted by mcqueen  [ 06:02 ]
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March 24 2008
Posted by mcqueen  [ 10:30 ]
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March 14 2008
Posted by mcqueen  [ 09:42 ]
This blonde cutie was the embodiment of a dream bride - she looked so fresh and innocent that anyone could do nothing but envy her groom. However, Tom always thought that being envious is similar to being miserable - just take what you want. What he really wanted that night was this gorgeous blonde s pussy. And he got it - even though he had to grant her with a couple of punches and hold her hands really tight before stuffing his giant wang into her yummy trimmed kitty.
There is nothing more beautiful than a precious bride on her wedding day. except when she is being force fucked by a total stranger! At RAVISHED BRIDE, the ultimate image of innocence and purity is spoiled! Watch as brides are abused and humiliated, sexually assaulted, in some cases, just moments before they are to walk down the aisle! In some cases it is a total stranger. a caretaker, a deviant criminal, that breaks into her bridal room and tears the white dress from her body, spoiling her purity. Other times it is a trusted friend. the best man, a bridegroom, that decides to pluck this pretty flower just before she is promised to someone else. The movies are graphic, showing the bride sitting, smiling, preparing for her big day when, in some cases, there is a knock at the doors. She opens it to a masked man who immediately covers her mouth and forces her down to the floor, unable to scream. He tears at her clothes, spreading her legs wide and. well, you'll have to see what happens next. A new level of perversity has been reached at RAVISHED BRIDE. This is one of the darkest sites I have seen in the entire niche of extreme porn and sexual domination. You will not forget this one any time soon.
male rape
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Posted by mcqueen  [ 08:08 ]
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